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For over 30 years, Legosan AB provides high quality services in contract manufacturing of solid dosage forms. Founded in 1986 by Karl Leif Torbjörn Marklund in Kumla, Sweden, Legosan AB was specialized in contract manufacturing of dietary supplements, becoming an authorized manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in 1998.

Today we are an independent family owned subcontractor company offering the full range of custom manufacturing services, tailored to satisfy the specific needs of each client. Our Läkemedelsverket (the Swedish Medical Products Agency) cGMP certified facility is ready to outsource for part or all of your contract manufacturing and packaging needs. We are committed to environmentally sound working methods and to satisfying requirements of HACCP and are certified to the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard FSSC 22000.


Focus on Your Business

​​Focus on your product research and brand development while outsourcing the manufacturing part to us. We specialize in contract manufacturing of custom formulations for all size businesses. Let us help you turn your initial concept into an on-the-shelf product, contact us today!

Our Expertise

We possess all the necessary industry know-how and understanding. Over the years we worked with several hundreds of unique custom formulations that include vitamins and herbal extracts supplements, ingestible beauty products, pharmaceuticals, and many others. A committed partner, we always make sure we acquire a thorough understanding of our client's business prerequisites, adapting our production processes accordingly.

Regulatory Compliance

We handle all aspects of documentation to meet current regulatory statutes and document corporate accountability in order to meet the latest regulations within pharmaceutical and food supplement production (cGMP, FSSC 22000, MSC, organic products etc.).

Quality Raw Materials

Access thousands of raw materials available in our warehouse. Our established supply network consists of carefully selected suppliers from all around the world. We follow thorough purchasing and auditing processes to ensure we select safe, high quality raw materials. All incoming raw materials and custom ingredients are always inspected and spectroscopically tested with FT-NIR analyzer prior to release to production. All of our suppliers are subject to a periodic quality audit and are asked to provide proof of compliance to internationally recognized safety and quality standards.  

Ingredients available in our warehouse include:

  • Excipients, binders, coatings and disintegrants

  • Natural and synthetic sweeteners and preservatives

  • Natural fruit and herbal extracts and oils

  • Flavorings and colourants

  • Vitamins and minerals

  • Fibers

  • Starches and starch derivatives

  • Amino acids

  • Marine derived ingredients

  • Innovative branded ingredients and many more

Reasonable MOQs

As your partner we strive to keep flexible minimum order quantities and fastest possible delivery times.


We are dedicated to your products and committed to our policy on privacy for all of our clients to assure full confidentiality. We never disclose any confidential information from our clients to third parties. 

Furthermore, in order to avoid conflict of interest, we do not have any own products or brands, which ensures high integrity and commitment to our client's products.

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