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Legosan AB produces a variety of hard dosage forms that meets specific requirements of your formula, target market and end consumer. Our committed production team and modern equipment guarantee a product of the highest quality delivered to you in a timely manner. Our warehousing and production approach guarantees full compliance of each product batch with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), HACCP and FSSC 22000.


Tablets remain the most widely used dosage form due to their great characteristics and best cost-effectiveness. At Legosan we can meet your needs for a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and dissolution characteristics depending on formulation and intended use. With annual tablet press capacity of 3.5 billion tablets per year we are ready to meet your production demands.


Hard shell capsules are primarily used for to orally deliver powdered or granular fillings for immediate release. Their great aesthetics, easiness to swallow and taste-masking capabilities make them a popular choice. We encapsulate hard shell capsules of various sizes and characteristics with powdered and granular substances and excipients for pharmaceutical and health food industries.


Coating is an important stage of manufacturing used to adjust release pattern, mask unpleasant tastes and to improve shelf-life of drug by protecting it from environmental factors. Coating can be applied to several kinds of solid dosage forms like tablets, pellets, pills, drug crystals, etc. Our HPMC film coating technique allows us to produce perfectly smooth refinished coat for improved product stability.


Granulation transforms fine powders into free flowing, dust-free granules or grains that can be either packed as a dosage form or be mixed with other excipients before tablet compaction, capsule filling or other applications.

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